The Jollof Place

For lovers of tasty, exotic and healthy food. The Jollof Place is made for you. 

Joy, this was fantastic, really really tasty. I certainly would be buying again. Than you!


Sis i can stay quiet and say nothing of your food ohhh. waww what a great taste.

Saskia Spier
Almere Buiten

The food is tasty, when you dont feel like cooking and you want to taste some nice African dishes just try this place. you wont regret it 😊❤

Deborah Justice

About Us

Joy Obubo

store owner

My name is Joy. I love to cook. The aim of the Jollof place is to bring the best of West African cuisine to the people of Almere and Amsterdam and likely to the whole of Netherlands. African food is unknown, rarely talked about and possibly misrepresented. This is all about to change, as with all things African, the tasty, nutritious and natural foods from Africa will blow your mind. Try our popular Jollof rice, or the Naija version of chicken fried rice. You love meat? We have different types, and if its spicy, then dont miss out on the traditional suya! You dont know what you are missing until you try ............... The Jollof Place is the place to change your taste buds!


Located right in the city Center of Almere, 20 km away from the Amsterdam. The Jollof Place is prepared to give you an African vibe in a metropolitan setting.


Zadelmakerstraat 18, 1315AP, Almere.

Business Hours

Tuesday - Saturday

1pm - 9pm


4pm - 9pm